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Today is my last day of school. Holy hell, time flies fast.

I still remember the first day of school as if it happened yesterday. For that, I will say that going to school during a pandemic was a nervous experience. I didn't know how everything was gonna work, especially since everyone was online during the first few weeks of school. I had to work out how to log into the Teams meeting, and work out turning in my assignments on time.

Luckily, we were given to choose the option to continue doing online or switch to in-person learning. I chose the latter. I had to wear a mask, and everyone was social distancing. It really sucked, because not only were most of my friends from school were online, but the classes started earlier in the day than online. On the flip side, there was more time per class period (an hour and a half instead of 55 minutes online).

All in all, going to school during this time taught me how to adjust in a difficult situation. There were a few setbacks (as in, a few assignments I wasn't able to turn in online, and another project that had water spilled over it), but I think I did pretty great overall.


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